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2 класс

Укажите лишнее слово:

А. potatoes;
Б. beans;
В. grapes;
Г. garlic.

Замените словосочетание “My mother“ одним из указанных местоимений:

А. he;
Б. I;
В. she;
Г. they.

Выберите правильный перевод словосочетания «our books»:

А. моя книга;
Б. наши книги;
В. его книги;
Г. мои книги.

3 класс

Выберите правильный вариант:

А. He cans play football.
Б. He cans to play football.
В. He can play football.
Г. He can to play football.

Укажите слово, в котором буква «с» читается как [k]:

А. city;
Б. cake;
В. cinema;
Г. center.

Выберите правильный вариант употребления вспомогательного глагола:

… she play tennis?

4 класс

Укажите слово, которое не является формой глагола to be:

А. is;
Б. are;
В. why;
Г. was.

Решите пример: «six plus twelve is …»:

А. eighteen;
Б. ten;
В. nineteen;
Г. sixteen.

Укажите порядковое числительное «третий»:

А. the fourth;
Б. the third;
В. the first;
Г. the second.

5 класс

Выберите правильный вариант:
This is ... taxi. ... taxi is red.

А. a-an;
Б. an-the;
В. a-the;
Г. —

Укажите предложение, в котором допущена ошибка.

А. They will go to the cinema yesterday.
Б. She usually watches TV on evenings.
В. He does not like oranges.
Г. When did you write a test?

Укажите прошедшее время глагола «go»:

А. goed;
Б. went;
В. want;
Г. gone.

6-7 класс

Put in the right form of the adjective. My mom is … in the world.

А. better;
Б. good;
В. worse;
Г. the best.

Indicate the Tag-question.

А. Does he go to the movies after dinner?
Б. What does he do after dinner?
В. After dinner he often goes to the movies, doesn't he?
Г. Does he go to the movies after breakfast or dinner?

Put in the correct form of the phrasal verb.
Take this bus and get... in 15 minutes.

А. off;
Б. up;
В. along;
Г. over.

8-9 класс

Choose the correct item.
I saw the old lady … on the bus.

А. gets;
Б. got;
В. getting;
Г. to get.

Match the idiom and its meaning.
She has a green thumb.

А. She doesn't have enough people to help.
Б. She is nervous about something.
В. Be careful what you say.
Г. She can grow plants.

Put in the correct form of the phrasal verb.
My sister and her husband get … very well.

А. off;
Б. up;
В. along;
Г. over.

10-11 класс

Choose the correct item.
John … talk to his teacher if he’s having problems with the assignment.

А. has;
Б. ought;
В. should;
Г. - .

Choose the correct item.
….. to return the item, you will receive a full refund.

А. Had you decided ...
Б. Should you decided ... Should you decide ...
В. If you would decide …
Г. If you decides …

Put in the correct form of the phrasal verb.
It was too hard for her to get ... after that illness.

А. off;
Б. up;
В. along;
Г. over.

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